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Avoid Dog Poop Eating With The Best Soft Chews

Posted by Brad Pattison on

Coprophagia might be brought about by any ailment that prompts a decrease in stomach-related wellbeing, stomach suffering, or an expansion in the presence of the little dog's crap. Dog Poop Eating appears to have its own medical risk & concepts, called Coprophagia. Although most instances of coprophagia will be stringently conducted in general, there seems to be an assortment of medical issues that can influence or prompt the condition. Before an exclusively social determination is made, these issues should consistently be figured out.

There are various ways of Preventing access to stools, including a thorough cleaning of the pet's belongings and continuous monitoring when the pet is outside are the best ways to treat coprophagia. But there are various risk factors associated with it. So, if you are a pet lover, you must know all these things to make your pet's life more comfortable & healthy. 

What Are Some of the Possible Behavioral Causes for a Dog to Consume Its Own Poop?

Coprophagia is an issue in some pets that normally goes away by adulthood through proper diet and monitoring. Many theories have been proposed to explain this behavior. When puppies are left alone, they can continue to explore, play around, and even chew stools as a form of entertainment. Since coprophagia can draw a lot of attention from the owner, the behavior may be repeated.

Sometimes you may find that puppies copy the habits of their mother because bitch cleans their shelter by eating puppy poop. This also might provoke puppies to copy the behavior of their parents. Puppy anxiety also makes them behave inappropriately. 

What Are the Risk Factors Associated With It?

Though poop-eating is a normal activity in certain domesticated animals, some circumstances may increase the desire to participate in Coprophagy.

  • low- Appetite or an insufficient diet
  • Outbreaks of severe parasites
  • Undernutrition Loss of digestive enzymes causes a receptor deficiency; poop, particularly rabbit poop
  • Polyphagia (overeating) is a symptom of diabetes and thyroid disorders.
  • apprehension
  • Overcrowding for long periods of time has a behavioral reaction.
  • Mimicking the behavior of their grown-ups, mates
  • Chronic kidney insufficiency and the compulsive behavior condition Pica are examples of essential diseases or health problems 

Benefits of Taking Coprophagia Soft Chews:

  • Successful therapy for bowel feeding - Modifying your puppy's unhealthy behaviors can be difficult, and with these gentle chews, you can now see improvements in as little as six days.
  • Rejuvenate your puppy's breathing with gentle chews, which are loaded with additives that combat stinky teeth.
  • Tasty treat - simple to serve! Our chew is simplified with treat-sized bites.
  • These focused safety soft chews include Capsicum Oleoresin. This lachrymatory agent prevents a dog from consuming its stool by irritating the eyes and inducing a slight burning sensation if the stool is consumed.


Dog Poop Eating is one of the unhealthy behaviours which can be seen nowadays. So, if you are looking for the best way to avoid your puppy's to eat their poop, buy Coprophagia Soft Chews by Brad Pattison Pet Wellness. We have been specially designed to help discourage this activity by keeping the dogs' stool unpalatable to eat. The active ingredient in our product, i.e., yucca schidigera, serves as a poop-eating deterrent by strengthening the character and reducing the severity of canine fecal odor.

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