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Tips to administer CBD to cats, yes cats. Meow meow.

Posted by Brad Pattison on

All of us cat lovers know it breaks our hearts when we see our cats miserable.
So how does one give CBD to a C A T ?  Solutions to this challenge are much easier than previously thought. What if the solutions could bring you and your cat peace of mind? The "what if’s" could become a reality of tranquility with these easy tips:

1.  Try dropping some cbd on your index finger and slip your finger along the gum line of the kitty.

2. We have been told to place a drop or two on the finger tip and touch the kitty’s nose. Lick lick and all done!

3. Have you ever known a cat to have dirty paws? We haven’t. This tip came in from an avid kitty cat lover. Drop the CBD oil onto your cat's paw and watch your cat lick it up. No dirty paws allowed in Catland!

Try these and see what works best, change it up and get creative. If you have any other methods, please let us know so we can share them to our readers.

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