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Why CBD for your dog and cat?

Posted by Brad Pattison on
Great pet owners take the time to keep their pets healthy and happy.  Now they have the option to explore and use CBD to enhance a broad spectrum of medical and behavior based issues.  CBD is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant.  It has the ability to heal and balance mammal health.  CBD first started to attain recognition as an effective way to manage seizure disorders and epilepsy conditions. Now it is being used for many additional reasons such as arthritis, digestive and neurological disorders, pain, anxiety, mood, memory impairment, obsession, and trauma.  As science continues to explore many health benefits, consumers are also reporting their findings too.  At this stage, anecdotal reporting is proving to be very important.  More and more consumers are sharing consistent feedback about their experiences with CBD which further supports this growing database of vital information and why consumers are using CBD for their pets. 

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