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Why dosing under a dog or cats tongue is the silliest advice on the market when it comes to giving your family pet CBD.

Posted by Brad Pattison on
Have you tried to dose a cat or dog under the family pet's tongue? Good luck.
Easier ways to administer CBD to your pet is either to place it in a bowl, allow your pet to lick it out of your hand, squirt it in their in mouth or add it to a small portion of food or on a treat. Putting it in a water bowl is not the best way to give your pet CBD. The reason for this is the oil floats on top of the water or sticks to the sides of the bowl and, if the water bowl is quite full, the oil will likely not be fully consumed. To ensure better accuracy in dosing your pet, try some of the suggestions that are listed above. With anything trial and error is best practice.

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