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Brad Pattison Animal Rescue Team

The Brad Pattison Animal Rescue Team are headed to Australia to help with efforts to save Australia's precious wildlife in wake of the catastrophic bushfires that they are experiencing this fire season Down Under. Recent estimates put the current number of perished wildlife at 1 billion creatures, including koalas, possum, kangaroos, flying foxes and wallabies, to name a few. The news coming in since the fires started saddened the Team greatly and a call to action quickly ensued. The Team are welcoming well wishes and donations on both a FaceBook fundraiser and GoFundMe. The donations are going towards medical supplies, such as gauze, burn ointment, bandages, etc. and to search and rescue missions, safe transportation for rescued animals to a safe sanctuary after capture, to seeds and tree planting efforts in the aftermath of the fires to help to build up the decimated habitat and food source of the animals. While there we expect to be providing water and food, comforting scared animals and might be tending to burn wounds of injured animals and ensuring that the animals are taken to a veterinary clinic for longer-term care in hopes that they will be released back into the wild eventually.

Brad Pattison and his elite K-9 Rescue Team have been instrumental in assisting in such events as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in New Orleans, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the 2013 catastrophic floods in Calgary, Alberta, in helping to ensure the safety of animals. Brad Pattison's team were the first Canadians on site in the aftermath of Katrina to search and rescue many animals in need. In Calgary, we enlisted the help of the airline WestJet to fly much needed equipment and supplies into the flooded zone. And in Haiti we not only helped many animals but assisted in the safe relocation of children to Canada. Also, the team flew to Puerto Rico in 2017 after Hurricane Maria tore through the island to save all kinds of animals from gerbils and hamsters to horses and mules.