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300mg CBD/55 Grade Full Spectrum blend/30ml Pet Tincture


0.1 ml per every 10 lb of dog's or cat's weight
Example: 25 lb dog = 0.25 ml

Just like you, we love our pets and are devoted to ensuring the best quality of life for them. We’re here to make a difference. Our innovative formula contains certified organic ingredients with the highest grade CBD and high grade 55 full spectrum. The full spectrum of cannabinoids can create an entourage effect boosting the benefits of CBD and providing benefits from all of the other cannabinoids present such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV, CBCA, CBGA, THCA and CBDA. We pride ourselves on our customer service and unique product line. We carefully package and test products the same way, each and every time to ensure quality and consistency. Brad Pattison Pet Wellness offers 100% natural ingredients free of preservatives and additives with no unwanted side effects. Made in the USA.
Store in a cool, dark place, like the fridge!