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FREE GIFT with purchase! We are including a Seed Paper Bone with every order as a gift to you and our planet!

4 Seed Paper Bones (pack of 4)


This environmentally friendly confetti seed paper is made from 100% recycled paper, biodegradable, infused with non-GMO, non-invasive, dog friendly, snapdragon seeds. No dyes or chemicals used in production.

Bury the bone and watch it grow into a beautiful snapdragon flower garden!

Plant it. Water it daily. Grow it. PET-FRIENDLY FLOWERS!!

Common name: snapdragon, tall spurred, northern lights

Scientific name: Linaria Maroccana

Bees love these flowers! Bee-friendly blooms!

We recommend starting them in a shallow container of water near a sunny window to start. Transplant to dirt once the sprouts are 3-4 inches high. We recommend planting about 1/4" below the surface and watering every day if you do start them in soil.

98% germination rate

4" length x 1.5" wide

Made in USA